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Tyler is a small rural town with an approximate population of 750.CR2 It is the county seat of Walke County, Colorado. Tyler was possibly based on [Eads] in [Kiowa County, Colorado]. The association with Kiowa County and Eads was provided by Boyd Percy in a [forum post] on May 23, 2019.

Many of the houses obviously empty, and some were past merely empty – they were obviously abandoned, with doors standing wide open, often with broken glass, sometimes leaning or falling down. While there were occasionally trees, there was little in the way of shrubbery. Here and there were lawns that showed signs of grass, but many were brown and weed-grown.

Downtown didn’t look much better. There were half a dozen commercial buildings on the main street, and even then two of them were boarded up and had been for a long while. Across the street was another small two-story commercial-type building that housed the county offices. There was a small grocery store, a gas station, a bank, and a couple of other businesses, though only the bank seemed to be in reasonable repair.

The school was on out on the edge of town.CR3

There are two churches in town, a Lutheran and Tyler United Methodist Church. The latter shares a pastor with Conestoga Methodist Church and provides a parsonage for the pastor to live in.

Prairie Dawn Cafe was the only restaurantCR4, and the Stationhouse the only bar in town.CR1

Other businesses in town include the bank, grocery store and feed mill.

The Walke County Sheriff, Bert Shoemaker, has his office in town.