Conestoga Methodist Church

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Conestoga Methodist Church is in Walke County, Colorado. The small white building which has seen better days was in need of a coat of paint.

Folding chairs for about 60 people were available but the regular congregation was only a couple of dozen.

Conestoga Methodist Church shares a pastor with Tyler United Methodist Church, which is 21 miles away. The Sunday service at Conestoga starts at 8am so the pastor has time to go to Tyler for their 11am service.CR2

Despite pressure forom the Methodist Conference to merge with Tyler the people of Conestoga wanted to remain independent, at least partly, because the church was "about the only place we’ve got left if we want to talk with the neighbors.”CR1

On Sunday May 6, 2007 they welcomed Reverend Nanci Chladek as their pastor, surprisingly soon after their latest pastor, Darius Anders had left.