Robbie Buehler

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Robbie Buehler
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SpouseSandy Beach
FatherNorm Buehler
MotherDorothy Buehler

Robbie Buehler was, for a time, the husband of Sandy Beach. His parents are Norm and Dorothy Buehler and all lived near the Beechams in Warren, Michigan. The family was invited to a Christmas dinner when Sandy was home from college.HT15

The pair were married from September, 1994HT22 until she left him in April 1995 after he punched her in the face.HT27

Sandy described her experience with him:

My folks had never been happy about the two of us being together and on the road, and they had this guy they wanted me to marry. They finally tricked me into it, and the only way they managed it was because I was so drugged up I didn't know what was going on. The guy was a real asshole, but I wasn't in good enough shape to do anything about it. I got better though, and one night, he beat me up and left. I knew Vicky was living pretty close by, so I called her for help, and the next morning she had me on a plane for Las Vegas and a divorce.PUTP26

Sandy spent six weeks in Nevada (required to gain resident status for a divorce) at the Redlite Ranch.HT29 As soon as the six weeks were up she officially divorced Robbie in May 1995, and at the same time changed her surname from Buehler to Beach.HT30