Malvern Hill

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Malvern Hill was a hobby farm on Henderson Road in Albany Township outside Bradford. The land ran alongside I-67 and the nearest neighbour was half a mile away. Bert and Laura Woodward had bought it to have a place to shoot their replica Civil War cannon.

Following a failed attempt by Lynnette Hershberger to get the township to ban the ownership and shooting of cannons, Lloyd Weber sent Emily Holst out to interview Bert Woodward and write a feature for the Bradford Courier.HS11

Malvern Hill was named after “ a battle toward the end of the Peninsula Campaign of 1862, back in the War of Southern Arrogance”. Bert said his “ plan is to have a working museum here where people can see displays of this sort of thing. In the interim, it’s going to be a place where we can do some re-enactments and shoot a little.”HS14

Emily Holst organised the second annual Class of '88 Halloween Party in the basement of a small barn at Malvern Hill.HS25