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In the Spearfish Lake Tales universe, Macy Controls is an employer in Bradford, Michigan. It is located "out past General Hardware on Taney Road."HS2 They were an automotive supplier with at least one job being a "window crank".HS32

Macy Controls is significant as the location of Kevin Holst's employment.MC26 GM2 Kevin ran a machine and worked a lot of overtime in 1999.HS21 "Macy Controls had a reputation for asking their people to work a lot of overtime, often at the expense of getting off for legitimate vacations."HS32

In 1999, Vicky Varney was hired as a payroll clerk.HS10 She explained to Jason MacRae that the company had recently been bought and some work was being transfered to other plants.HS31 Emily Holst heard in Bradford City Council discussions that "this Ferriday crowd doesn't have any interest in the community at all."HS32 By May 2001, Vicky was laid off and Kevin "figured the latter place was going to be closed by this time next year."HS36