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Lordston is a small town southeast of Spearfish Lake. It took Mark Gravengood about twenty minutes to fly from Spearfish Lake to Lordston in his father's Stinson (Rocinante Part 1 Chapter 4).

Lordston is one end of the Lordston Northern Scenic Railroad. The other end is about 15-20 miles north at Whiteport. This stretch of rails is also useful to the C&SL Railroad, connecting the Kremmling Branch to D&O Railroad. It provides the C&SL with a connection not dependent upon the D&O. An intersection with the Northern Central Railroad also occurs at Lordston. Most references in the stories come in relation to its rail links.

The nearest neighboring towns include Coldwater to the west, Whiteport to the north and Altanta to the south.

Lordston is the home of Ken Sawyer, a mechanic that can fix many things. It is implied that Bill Lee lives there.BAR745