George Battle

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George Battle
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Shelly BattleF

George Battle was a resident of Spearfish Lake. His daughter is Michelle, although usually called Shelly.

George had a long standing grudge against Glenn Aho going back to school. Glenn was described as a school bully that "enjoyed making a pest of himself, especially to George. I don’t know what started it in the first place, but there was a whole series of fights that lasted over several years, and usually George came out on the short end of them. About the only place George ever managed to get back at Glenn was during scrimmages on the football field" which was where "George sacked him every chance he got, or clipped him, or pulled whatever dirty move he could manage. Several times it turned into fist fights."SU20

Anissa Hodges believed "suspect the only reason Battle is on the school board is that he thinks it’ll give him the chance to take another shot at Glenn" and so was worked to become the School Board Vice-President in 2004.SU18 Glenn Aho's recommendation of Earl Gingrich as Superintendent would be reason enough for George to oppose it. SU14

George was an supporter of Jerome Weilfahrt as the football coach at Spearfish Lake High School.SU10

Mike McMahon said George "never throws any of his board papers away."SU14