Bruce Berkshire

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Bruce Berkshire
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SpouseAngie Berkshire
Dayna BerkshireF1 April 1970
Kyle BerkshireM1972

For other persons named Bruce, see Bruce.

Bruce Berkshire is married to Angie Berkshire. They are a married couple that live in Bradford, Michigan. They have a son, Kyle, and a daughter Dayna who was a well known member of the Bradford High School's Class of 1988.

Bruce is described on first introduction in Hat Trick. Bruce is "about Dayna's height, but heavy-set, thickening up and going bald."HT9 The family was very supportive of Dayna, including driving to RenFairesHT19 or being a telephone intermediary.HT21

Bruce is a part time auctioneer and both the patter and "working a crowd runs in the family."HT7 We see him in action as the auctioneer selling the Homer Smith estate in Cattail Chapter 20. Bruce's regular job is driving a fork truck for General Hardware.HT9

Bruce also appears in the short Common Prologue to the Bradford Exiles series.