Angie Berkshire

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Angie Berkshire
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SpouseBruce Berkshire
Dayna BerkshireF1 April 1970
Kyle BerkshireM1972

Angie Berkshire is the wife of Bruce Berkshire, a married couple that live in Bradford, Michigan. They have a son, Kyle, and a daughter Dayna who was a well known member of the Bradford High School's Class of 1988.

Angie was described on first introduction in Hat Trick, Dayna's mother Angie was a slightly shorter and older version of her daughter; there was a lot of family resemblance. She was a few pounds heavier than Dayna, but not a lot." HT9 The family was very supportive of Dayna, including driving to RenFairesHT19 or being a telephone intermediary.HT21

Angie works for General Hardware as a shipping clerk there. As CD sales became a large part of Dayna and Sandy's business, Angie handled taking the orders and shipping. "She'd started out just to help out her daughter, and it had taken maybe an hour a week, but for the last several years it took much more than that, and they'd been paying her." HS12

Angie was once talked by Sandy Beach into being restrained by stocks and having her feet tickled until she collapsed.HT9.

It was only after Sandy's marriage collapsed that Angie talked to her daughter about their relationship. "It was pretty obvious what was going on with you and Sandy. I can't say as I thoroughly approved of it, but over the last few months your father and I have seen that you were a hell of a lot happier with her than you are without her. So, good luck, and I hope this works for you." HT29