Andromeda Chained Chapter 27

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Andromeda Chained
Chapter 27 of 28
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Time frameSpring 1998
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Brenda's tales of her beach pranks entertains the newspaper staff. The trip was such an upside that all wonder how much longer she'll continue to wear the handcuffs.

The Carter girls and Brenda talk about the trip. They also attempt to transcribing all the stories from the audio tape that Brenda and Carole made and otherwise write about life in handcuffs. Then Carole challenges Brenda on why she thinks Carole has worn them for so long. Reluctant, Brenda finally voices her conclusion of survivor's guilt.

The girls reveal part of their experience when Wendy was most suicidal and also adamant in having Carole take her cuffs off. Carole challenged Wendy "If she wanted them off so Goddamn bad she'd have to take them off herself" ("she" referring to Wendy).

Wendy then declares she's ready to make the attempt. Although difficult and with many missteps, Wendy succeeds. Carole collapses in tears and Wendy follows up by unlocking Brenda's, too. Brenda quietly hides both pairs of handcuffs while Carole is still pulling herself together. Their unspoken fears that Carole was addicted is revealed as she demands them back and Brenda refuses. Just as she adapted to wearing them, Carole now must adapt to life without handcuffs.