Andromeda Chained Chapter 28

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Andromeda Chained
Chapter 28 of 28
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Time frameMarch, May 1998




Without deliberately drawing attention, it took a surprisingly long time before anyone noticed that Brenda wasn't wearing the handcuffs. Of course, the news that Carole wasn't wearing cuffs was a bigger surprise to all.

Brenda finally writes a feature (Sisterly Love) discussing the story of the Carter sisters with a sidebar (Adventure in Chains) on her own experience. Mike gets permission to send copies "to a few people I know".

In the middle of May, Mike sheepishly admits he submitted Sisterly Love to the American Newspaper Association and Brenda has won the 1998 Aherns Award for Best Local Feature. As Mike explains, "Next to a Pulitzer, that's about the best line you can put on a resume".

The Epilogue is written by Wendy, discussing Brenda's new job as City Editor at the Camden Press, the WNN Newsmagazine story for TV and other adjustments. We discover that Wendy is the one that wrote a book from the events, a nice punctuation on her own adaptations.

This is the final chapter of Andromeda Chained .