Alone Together Chapter 16

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Alone Together
Chapter 16 of 18
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Time frameOctober 1999
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Jon and Tanisha spend the evening catching up with his family, including news about his father and sister Nanci.

The following day Tanisha and Jon run the company 10-K race, cheered on by Karin, Al and Crystal.

Angela is surprised to find that Jon and Tanisha know Al Buck. A number of Lambdatron staff have been on a Canyon Tours trip with Al.

Tanisha and Jon accompany his family back up to Flagstaff to help them prepare for the next trip. They meet up with Scooter and Michelle (whose brother helped track them down in Phoenix). They stay the night in Flagstaff, then go to Lee's Ferry, help rig the rafts, and see the trip set off.

Also Mentioned

  • Mike Rawson, Michelle's brother, and a local police officer