Absent Friend Chapter 31

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Absent Friend
Chapter 31 of 52
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Time frameNovember 1987 - February 1988
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The dog sledding takes off.   Ryan Clark gets Mark & Mike to do an exhibition race for the Winter Festival out to Warsaw and back.

During the race first Mike and then Mark come down with flu, so it's completed by Josh & Tiffany. She wins the race, a photo finish, by the length of the lead dogs nose.

As a result of the newspaper articles about the dog race they get invited to the state dogsled championships, run by the Camden Dogsled Association. The Spearfish Lake contingent win all the races, as they have the better trained dogs and their dogs are in better physical condition.

Tiffany and Josh are obviously hooked on racing (see the books Busted Axle Road and Runner's Moon).