Camden Dogsled Association

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Camden Dogsled Association hosts the state championships for dog sled racing in the state that Spearfish Lake is in. The championships are all sprint races while the Warsaw Run became the state's long distance race.

The President was Greg Mears who became good friends with the Spearfish Lake dog sledders, Mike McMahon and Mark Gravengood.

As Greg described it, "Look, we may call it the state championships, but no one can claim they're not. There's not a lot of us, and we're pretty casual."BAR7125

The CDA was described as "a paper association, with zero dues and no other officers, in place only for racing sanctions and things like that. In the years before the Spearfish Lake crowd got involved in dogsled racing, the CDA had sponsored the "state championships", more to keep the sport alive than anything else. Sometimes, they'd been lucky to have more than four teams show up for the championships, but it had become a much bigger deal in the last five years."RM14