Russ Bradstreet

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Russ Bradstreet
Male silhouette.png
Birth date1970
SpouseCindy Yeager
Caitlynn BradstreetFJuly 1991

Russ Bradstreet was a member of the Class of 1988 from Bradford High School. He married Cindy Yeager, his High School sweetheart.

After Cindy dropped out, they drifted apart and Russ started to date Deborah, a girl from Saginaw.WLH1 However, later she "found someone with a smoother line and more money, so that was that."WLH2

Russ's Uncle Walter was willing to help Russ buy into his Insurance Agency in Columbus, Ohio. Russ went to visit Cindy. He discover her pregnant with Pat McDonald's child and convinced her to elope with him to Ohio and start new lives.WLH2 When the baby is born in JulyWLH5, they name her Caitlynn.WLH3 Around six years later, Caitlynn was killed when hit by a car driven by a fugitive from police.WLH4 This devastates Russ and Cindy, compounded by the knowledge that Russ's sterility prevents them from having a child themselves.WLH5

Russ and Cindy convince Pat to father more children for them. The threesome also become very close friends.WLH5

When Pat is wounded in Iraq, the Bradstreets provide him with an apartment and a job, making him a part of their family.WLH9