Caitlynn Bradstreet

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Caitlynn Bradstreet
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Birth dateJuly 1991
Death date1997
FatherRuss Bradstreet
MotherCindy Yeager
Biological fatherPat McDonald

Caitlynn Bradstreet was raised by her birth mother, Cindy Yeager, and her husband, Russ Bradstreet, with her birth father, Pat McDonald unaware. All three were members of the Class of 1988 from Bradford High School.

Caitlynn, or Caitie, was born in early July 1991.WLH5 Around six years later, she was killed when hit by a car driven by a fugitive from police.WLH4 This devastates Russ and Cindy, compounded by the knowledge that Russ's sterility prevents them from having a child themselves.WLH5