Hank's Bar

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Hank's Bar, occasionally also known as Hank's Tavern is a drinking establishment in Bradford, Michigan. It is best known as the location of the memorable 21st birthday party for Vicky Varney, hosted by Emily HolstHS5 with entertainment by Dayna Berkshire and Sandy Beach.HT17 RuthAnn was the bartender at that time.

Hank's was the place to go for a quick celebratory drink, such as after Emily's first council meeting after her electionHS6 or for Vicky's 30th birthday.HS19 It was also the sort of place to go when there wasn't anything better to do than play SpitzerHT17 and talk about truck driving with Dean Sallows.HS19

As described in Hat Trick: "There are only a handful of bars in Bradford, and on weekday evenings they can be pretty quiet. Hank's wasn't the nicest place in town, nor the worst. It was in an older downtown building, but pretty much a "nothing special" bar."HT17