Bob Spheris

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Bob Spheris
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Birth dateAbout 1970

Bob Spheris was a member of the Class of 1988.

Bob had joined the army after school, and in July 1990 was at Ft. Hood getting ready to ship out to the Persian Gulf.WLH1

By the time of the Ten Year Reunion Bob had gotten out of the Army, gone to college in Colorado, and was working out there. He didn't attend the Reunion.WLH4

At their high school graduation he'd teasingly agreed to marry Sharon Holdenhoven if neither had married in twenty years. She reminded him of that promise at the twenty year reunion.REU1

After high school he joined the army to get away from Bradford and his parents. After four years he used the GI Bill to go to Colorado State University in Fort Collins and got a job in purchasing at the university as a student and was kept on after graduating.REU2

He liked the quiet, single life though had a tendency to be depressive, sometimes using pills to get back on an even keel.REU11 He preferred reading to watching TV or a movie. He liked camping and fishing in the Rockies.REU15

With Sharon, he advised and helped a young couple, Dale and Dawn, to break away from their controlling parents who were members of the Disciples of the Savior church.REU17

As the twenty year reunion was winding down Sharon invited Bob to spend the night with her.REU5 The story Reunion tells of their weekend together and Sharon's eventual move to Colorado to marry Bob.