Sharon Holdenhoven

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Sharon Holdenhoven
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Birth dateAbout 1970

Sharon Holdenhoven was a member of the Class of 1988 from Bradford High School. She is named as attending the Twenty Year Reunion.WLH9

At their high school graduation she'd teasingly agreed to marry Bob Spheris if neither had married in twenty years. She reminded him of that promise at the twenty year reunion.REU1

After high school she went to a variety of colleges, eventually graduating in 1995 from Sienna Heights College in Adrian, Michigan.REU4 REU16

She had been a rolling stone, never settling anywhere or in any job for long before the twenty year reunion. Her travels had included a couple of trips to Europe and time teaching English in KoreaREU4

She was in New York for a job interview on September 11 2001.REU1

She kept ‘a large and realistic looking, tan stuffed dog’ called Ralph in her car, usually in the front passenger seat, mostly as protection but also as a good listener when she needed to talk to think things out.REU11

With Bob, she advised and helped a young couple, Dale and Dawn, to break away from their controlling parents who were members of the Disciples of the Savior church.REU17

As the twenty year reunion was winding down she invited Bob to spend the night with her.REU5 The story Reunion tells of their weekend together and her eventual move to Colorado to marry Bob.