Absent Friend Chapter 17

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Absent Friend
Chapter 17 of 52
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Time frameJanuary 1981-August 1982
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Bud Ellsberg thought that the Warsaw fire had destroyed a significant part of his customer base, and that the railroad was facing bankruptcy.

Things change when he finds out that Ryan Clark and Steve Augsberg managed to extend the lifespan of plywood production at Clark Plywood and that the outgoing plywood shipments would go by rail.

Then Frank Matson rings him up and tells him that Jerusalem Paper decided to rebuild the Warsaw plant with the fire insurance money instead of just closing it down and walking away. He also tells him that the chief at the Kremmling fire department is also the Kremmling Limestone transportation superintendent and he wants to discuss having the C&SL haul their products.

Eighteen months later, after a lot of hard work, the Camden & Spearfish Lake Railroad was bigger & better than before.

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