Wamputa Beach

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Wamputa Beach Campground is a (fictional) nudist resort in the western panhandle of Florida. It was orignally owned by Allen and Vickie Goldwaithe, when it was damaged by Hurricane Dennis in July 2005. "Knocked down a lot of trees, washed out a couple of buildings. Christ knows why the ones I have left are still here."CAT10 They didn't have insurance and so in August when it looked like Hurricane Katrina was heading for it, the Goldwaithes were willing to sell cheap to Bill Simpson.

Bill spent the off-season repairing the few buildings with help from Roger Bishop and Catalina Smith. Bonnie Smith not only helped with clean up and repairs, but moved in with Bill into his Airstream trailer.

The campground is on the rustic side, with only a few buildings, an office and clubhouse, bathhouse and picnic shelter. There are sites for RV hookups and tent camping. Fresh water must be trucked in. "The beach really ain't much, just a narrow strip maybe fifty yards long when the tide is high, but when it goes out it ain't bad. The water is shallow way out, so when the tide is out it's a couple hundred yards wide, and there's plenty of room for people to spread out. The neat part about this place is that there's a salt marsh to either side, so we don't get many beach walkers snooping the place out and bothering us."CAT10