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Enthusiastic fan of Spearfish Lake and its characters.

Located somewhere to the east of that community in upstate NY.

What is George's Last Name?

"This guy from Texas," Jennlynn asked, "His name wouldn't happen to be George, would it?"

"Yeah, that's it," Ellen grinned. "George Bush, like the old president." Magic Carpet Chapter 10

Now it wasn't "Like George Bush, the old president". It's the closest we have to a last name. Since George directs to Tiffany's dog, I'm leaving things with Bush to make them easier to find when the time comes. I wouldn't be surprised if his name was George Busch or something, but I seriously doubt Wes meant Bush. We've got enough about George for a small page, but I'm certain we'll know more soon. So I haven't made the page yet.

Dang Fool 21:25, 3 October 2009 (UTC)

oops - missed that. For completed stories, I have them on my hard drive, where it's easy to do a search, but I don't usually do that for ongoing stuff. Just pulled down MC through chap 15.

I guess it's up to Wes as to how his name should be spelled. kilobytemangler 2047 EDT 3Oct09

It is Bush. It's good for a couple jokes in the future. -- Wes

This is what I get for doubting Wes. Isn't it good to know you ain't too predictable? I'm still not in a rush to create the page. If another wants to, that's fine, but I'm feeling caught betwixt laziness and more clues. Dang Fool 14:33, 7 October 2009 (UTC)