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It may be spelled D-R-E-W C-L-A-R-K, but it's pronounced 'Dang Fool'.

I was born in the south and had to walk across a horse pasture on my way to school. I went to school at Purdue, a campus surrounded by cornfields. I lived for a few years in a town much like Spearfish Lake, although now I'm near Detroit it's just a bit too far south to be Camden. I still spend a few weeks each summer not far from the North Country Trail.

I have to say I hate that names are Lastname, Firstname. It requires every name be entered twice if you link in a casual sentence. The only advantage I can see is the automatic alphabetizing.

Hopefully that's all better now :-) --Samuelmichaels (talk) 12:11, 6 May 2012 (EST)

I'll fix where I can as I dont mind doing so, even if I can be a bit 'picky'! Unfortunately occasionally I lose internet for a week (usually with little warning). I try and keep up when I come back but I can give no guarantees...