Mizuki Takashita

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Mizuki Takashita
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Mizuki Takashita was a student at Riverside Community College in 2004, when Susan Langenderfer-McMahon was attending the school. She was an oriental-looking girl, just a little taller standing up than Susan was sitting down. Her father's family had been in the US for a number of generations, and her mother came from Japan. Mizuki spent a year in Japan in high school, and had been glad to get back to America. She and Susan became friends, sharing a common experience of foreign schools.SU15

Both Susan and Mizuki transfered to Southern Michigan University, and were still friends and roommates there in 2007.SL2

Mizuki liked boys, but was also receptive to some girl-girl fun.SU18

Mizuki and Susan spent a year teaching English in Japan before graduating from SMU.

In 2011 Mizuke was living with Charles, her boyfriend, fiancé, or whatever, in Detroit where she had a good start on a salaryman’s – well, in her case, salarywoman’s – engineering career at Caldwell-Deerfield Manufacturing.SLH1