Jason Daugherty

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Jason Daugherty
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Jason Daugherty runs a small insurance agency in Wychbold, Michigan, but also does some real estate work on the side. He was the agent for Roger Bishop when he needed to insure his recently purchased motor homeCAT1 and looked over Roger's home to help get an estimate in case Roger decided to sell it. He also helped Roger with rough estimates of the value of the Homer Smith Estate.

When he heard about Roger's Hurricane Relief work, Jason recruited Roger to speak at the Kiwanis in Wychbold.

Jason was described as "a tall, skinny, good looking dark-haired guy, maybe thirty or so. The talk about him around town was that he'd never been married because he liked playing the field so much, but from what Roger knew, he was a pretty good insurance agent."CAT1

Jason could often be found at Becky's Cafe in the mornings among the regulars. He had an employee named Sally that piled work on his desk.CAT13