Diane Caldwell

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Diane Caldwell
Female silhouette.png
Birth date1970
Death date1984

Diane Caldwell was a student at Bradford High School in the Class of 1988, but she died of leukemia while still in ninth grade.

John Engler remembered that she "had been laid up at home for weeks, and the school made up study packs and stuff for her." Also, "She’d been just too sick with leukemia to go to school at all in the ninth grade, and she’d died halfway through the school year" LP10

Diane was included in the list of departed friends during the moment of silence at the 10-year Reunion.GM8

According to Wes she is not / was not related to Matt Caldwell, the main character in the book Blanche Tickle Girl.

He said that it was just sheer brain fade that I used that name twice.