Rebecca Gravengood

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Rebecca Gravengood
Female silhouette.png
Birth date1993
MotherShannon Gravengood

Rebecca Gravengood was a daughter of Shannon Gravengood, who either didn't know or didn't disclose the father.

She has a half-sister, Brianna Gravengood.

Rebecca and Brianna were orphaned when their mother died in May 2007.

Mark (their Grand-Uncle) and Jackie Gravengood (their Grand-Aunt) took them in.SL1

Her nickname is Becca.SL2

In 2007 she was close to six foot in height, with a solid, athletic-appearing build and noticeably developed breasts, although not large ones. Her skin was chocolate in color and her hair was dark and curly and relatively short. She had a plain-looking the face, and obvious energy.SL4