Angie Barrett

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Angie Barrett
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SpouseDan Plemmons

Angie Barrett was introduced in Down by the Riverside Chapter 23 as 'tall and slender, with long dark hair and a big nose that seemed to detract a bit from her appearance. She was a little younger than Nanci, and she had about as big an outdoor bug as Crystal or Scooter. Much like them, she’d worked taking tourists on short river trips back east; in fact she’d worked for Ocoee Adventures, the same outfit Crystal had worked for years before. There must still have been stories about Crystal around the place, for they’d led Angie to try to get a job rafting the Grand Canyon. As luck would have it, the only job she’d been able to find in the Canyon had been as a motor rig swamper with GCR the previous year, but both Jerry Palmer and Marty Welker soon understood that she really wanted to be on an oar boat. Marty had offered to pass her on to Al, and Al was glad to have her.'DBR23

'Angie says she was raised in a Southern Baptist church, although she’s gotten away from it. But she says she still knows how to talk the talk even if she doesn’t walk the walk very much anymore.'

She is estranged from her parents, partly because religion was shoved down her throst until she went to college and partly because her parents didn't seem to admit she had grown up.

Al 'want(s) to keep her around because she could have a good future with Canyon Tours.'

Angie is unsure of her sexuality and explores a little with a female customer.DBR26

Working on maintenance over winter 2003/2004 she developed some ability painting rafts. It also led to her dating Dan Plemmons.DBR33

Married to Dan Plemmons by Nanci on Saturday December 18 2004 at Hillside Methodist Church. "They’d decided to forego a normal honeymoon, and just go back to Dan’s apartment, close the door, and call it good enough."DBR37