Andromeda Chained Chapter 24

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Andromeda Chained
Chapter 24 of 28
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Time frameJanuary - February 1998
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Brenda relates to Mike the wild events of a special school board meeting gone wrong. All cheerleading, including competitive cheer, is cancelled as is the girls basketball. There will likely be four lawsuits running through the courts now as Mike tells Brenda that they won't have difficulty finding lead articles for a while.

The Spearfish Lake Winter Festival requires extra planning on Brenda's part to prepare for extreme cold while wearing the handcuffs. Her Uncle Greg, president of the Camden Dogsled Association, is in town and she has him to her apartment for dinner. He is very understanding and supportive and it seems her handcuffs act as a good luck charm for him and he manages to win the Warsaw Run for the first time in ten years of trying! He beats last year's champion, Fred Linder, by seven minutes.

Brenda has a bit of a scare ensuring the handcuffs are sufficiently warmed before she can take her clothes off. She's starting to feel the cabin fever of the season.