William Barber

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William Barber
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William Barber was a customer on the first Chrtistian trip in June 2002

A rather stuffy-looking man in his forties at a guess, and on the heavy side, going bald.

He was argumentative and didn't think it was appropriate for a woman to be in charge of a raft or leading a trip.

It was pretty clear that he was used to getting his way with bluster and he wasn’t used to someone standing up to him.DBR7

He was outraged that he wouldn't be able to call his broker while on the trip because of the lack of celll phone signal.

He seemed to be a chronic complainer, always looking for something to find fault over.

He rarely pitched in with camp chores more than he had to.

He proved to be a skilled cookDBR13 when there was a shortage of boatmen to prepare dinner the day of Nanci's testimonial sermon.DBR12