Titusville Beach

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In the Spearfish Lake Tales universe we find that Jackie and Mark Gravengood flew in to Titusville airport to witness the Apollo XV launch in early 1971. Their campsite was a long hike down the highway and beach from the town.

Mark and Jackie met Kathy and Roger Griswold from Arvada Center who had driven down on their honeymoon, however they couldn't stay long as their farm needed their attention.

Real World Notes

Titusville Beach is a real beach near the Kennedy Space Center with a small airport (see below) and a good view of most of the rocket launches. It is still one of the most popular vantage points to see launches from Canaveral.

Titusville (the town) is notable as the location where Kirby Grant (of Sky King fame) was killed at the age of seventy-three in a car accident on October 30, 1985; on his way to the Space Shuttle Challenger launch (STS-61-A, its final successful mission), at the invitation of one of the astronauts on that flight. He was also to be honored by the astronauts for encouraging aviation and space flight.

The actual "Titusville airport" near the town of Titusville and the Titusville Beach is named the Space Coast Regional Airport and is operated by the {http://www.ticoairportauthority.com Titusville-Cocoa Airport Authority].