Havasu Creek

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Havasu Creek is a real stream flowing through the Havasupai Indian Reservation, passing the Supai village and down a number of falls to join the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon at 36°18'28"N 112°45'43"W

Havasu means "blue-green water", according to the Wikipedia article on the Havasupai people

The Havasupai Trail follows the Havasu Creek through Supai village down to the mouth of the creek in the Grand Canyon.

For further information see the wikipedia articles Havasu Creek Havasupai Trail

In the Spearfish Lake Tales Universe Canyon Tours often stop a the mouth of Havasu Creek for a hike up to the various waterfalls, requiring fording the stream multiple times.

They typically take 14 days to reach Havasu Creek, the second Sunday of a Christian trip which put in on a Monday.

For serious hikers Crystal develops the practice of camping close to Havasu Creek mouth. The hikers leave camp early in the morning for a short run and start their hike up Havasu CreekCF23. The rest of the trip break camp and have breakfast as usual, stop at Havasu Creek for shorter hikes and take a short run to find a campsite for the night. This enables the hikers to get a long hike and not have to worry about finding a campsite later.

The mouth of Havasu Creek becomes Nanci's 'special place where I feel closer to God than I do anyplace else' DBR38 because it is the site of her conversion and baptism CF25 and the place she gives her testionial sermon on the first Christian Trip.DBR12 She hikes down the Havasupai Trail in February 2005 on a vision quest to decide whether ministerial training is where The Lord is leading her.DBR39