Grand Canyon Rafters

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Grand Canyon Rafters aka GCR runs tourists on motorized raft trips down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. It competes with Canyon Tours, but the trips each offers are different.

The first trip of the GCR season starts later than Canyon Tours. A GCR trip runs one week for each run, so they frequently pass the oar trips, sometimes twice on the same trip for the slower rafts. The GCR rafts as described as blue S-rigs, much bigger than an oar raft, and "with its two long side tubes for extra buoyancy; it was twice as long and sat up higher."CF07

One known employee of GCR is named Jim, who filled in as a boatman for Al Buck once. He is a friend of Crystal Chladek and Rhonda Whitsell, aka Scooter. Later Al and Marty Welker, the owner of GCR, trade employees and Jim comes to work for Canyon Tours when Jerry Palmer goes to GCR.