Dirk Byers

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Dirk Byers
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Dirk Dyers was a student at Central Michigan University in the fall of 1988. He was a member of an unnamed fraternity and living in a frat house that hosted a particularly wild party that used Dayna Berkshire and Sandy Beach as musicians. Dirk was drunk and pestered Dayna, to which she finally demanded "If you're so goddamn hot to go to bed with me and you think you can handle me, you're going to have to give me more than a fast mouth"HT5 and asked for $1000. As a Put up or Shut up line it worked for the night.

The next day, Dirk called Dayna to call her bluff. He had a thousand dollars. It was the first time Dayna accepted money for sex, but she also knew from Charlene and Tim Willoughby that she might need to some day and was satisfied with her performance. "He was a lousy lay, just like I expected. I blew him off, then tried twice to get a decent fuck out of him. The last time made it up to halfway decent, but he seemed satisfied so I called it good enough. God, I could stand some decent loving. I knew better than to expect it out of a college kid, but I'm horny. For that kind of money it was worth a try."HT5

The incident almost caused a breach in her friendship with Sandy, but after explanations and thought, Sandy was understanding. It led to the start of sex between Dayna and Sandy and a month or so later, one of Dirk's fraternity brothers came looking for Dayna. Sandy discovered she could do it, too, which presaged her time at the Redlite Ranch bordello.