Blanche Tickle

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Blanche Tickle was a small fishing settlement on the South Shore of Newfoundland where Mary Sue O’Leary was brought up from age 7 by her cousin Albert. When Albert died he left his house to Mary.

Blanche Tickle was a cluster of small multi-colored houses picturesquely and somewhat randomly scattered around the small bay... patches of brown grass and bare rock seemed to predominate and there were only a few scattered trees to be seen in the village.BTG18

Mary took Matt Caldwell with her to stay in Blanche Tickle their first winter togetherBTG18 and returned to make it her permanent home after Matt died.BTG26

"Much as I hate ta say it, this place is slowly dyin’. It’s a smaller place now than it was when I was a child, an’ the way the fishin’ has been it’s a poorer place, too."BTG18

In the Glossary to Blanche Tickle Girl it is explained that:

Tickle: A Newfoundland term for a narrow strait.