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In the story Rocinante one of the locations that Mark and Jackie visit in 1971 is "Stellafane" - a real-life annual convention of telescope makers.

"Stellafane" is the name that the Springfield Telescope Makers gave to their clubhouse in 1924. The name comes from Latin, meaning "shrine to the stars". Over the years the name has come to include the entire surrounding grounds and buildings on the summit of Breezy Hill near Springfield, in Vermont.

The annual Stellafane Convention is held over the weekend of the new moon closest to the height of the Perseid meteor shower (usually in early August).

More information may be found on Wikipedia under Stellafane.
There is a second wikipedia page about their observatory:

The Springfield Telescope Makers web site is here:, complete with links to making a telescope, including grinding your own mirror, details about the annual convention and much more.

There is a placemark for the Stellafane location in the downloadable Rocinante set at Google Earth and the Spearfish Lake Tales.