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For 2013, Wes Boyd introduced a new feature:[1]

With the coming of 2013 I'm introducing a feature I call "Photo Post." I'm a pretty good photographer, but I tend to only take photos of things I need to. I know I often pass by the opportunity to take interesting photos because there's no reason to take them and I have no place to use them. As a result I miss a lot of interesting shots.

So, my New Year's resolution is to put up a photo with each post -- it will force me to get out and take more photos for the sake of taking them! Unless things get goofy or the weather turns lousy, each photo in Photo Post will have been taken since the previous posting. I hope to avoid too many landscapes and cute cat shots. These photos will almost certainly not have anything to do with the story, and in most cases I won't do any description of them -- if it's needed I'll mention it in the "Newsbox" to the left of the current post.

See also the current gallery at Wes's Photo Posts.

2013 Gallery of Posted Photos

Click on a picture to get a larger view. You can then navigate by clicking on forward and back arrows.

You can use the right-click menu selection "View Image" (or similar) to see the full-size image. Apple tree Seed Drill? rehearsal for the local Christmas Cantata buck pole at a local butcher's on opening day of deer season Garage fire Evacuation drill The theater owner splicing film. The eagle showing off. Spartan Speedway, Mason, MI Katie and Vidalia Arabian Reggie the Percheron Water point on a fun run -- the little girls are the little sisters of the big girls. Spartan Speedway in Mason, MI The Tigers Den Steakhouse A favorite waitress


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