Latasha Higgins

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Latasha Higgins
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Latasha Higgins was a black girl in many of Cam Patterson's classes at Bradford High School. She and her older brother Darnell were the only two black kids in the school.

When the football team decided to shave their heads in support of Cam who lost his hair to chemotherapy, Latasha shaved hers as well. She kept her hair to an inch wide Mohawk when she let it re-grow.

When Cam was undergoing treatment for cancer Latasha shared her notes from classes and tutored him. They became sort of girlfriend and boyfriend.BDS3

Her father was an executive with Genreal Hardware Retailers and moved round the country to different jobs, all in mostly white communities. Latasha felt she was missing something, As she put it, “It’s hard to be a black when you don’t know what being a black is like.”, and should be looking for a black guy to marry.BDS4

She promised Cam not to let him die a virgin, and made good on that promise with his family's connivance.BDS4

She decided to go to the University of Toledo to experience a bigger city.BDS3 BDS6