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Cumulus was the name of two different dogs.

The first Cumulus lived at the Waverly West Soaring Ranch in 1971. He had been a stray that decided he liked the small airport and appointed himself guard dog at night. He was kept chained until he got hit by a prop while chasing gliders and planes. He was allowed to run loose after that, having learned his lesson.

"Cumulus is the friendliest dog in the world in the daylight, but he knows his job is to guard the office and hangars at night. I let him run loose, and I don’t even like to come out here at night. He might tear my arm off first and ask questions later."Roc2-11

The dog was described as a scroungy old mutt with big floppy ears and liked to settle at people's feet. He was frightened of thunder and would hide under tables during storms.

The second Cumulus was also a stray that found a new home with Jackie and Mark Gravengood. It was described as "nowhere near as ugly as (the original Cumulus)"BAR14 He quickly bonded with Tiffany Langenderfer-McMahon and increased her demand for a dog team of her own.

Cumulus ended up being the lead dog for the Gravegood's dog sled for years, especially the pound puppies team.